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Ostad Abdul Sattar Baloch

Ostaad Abdul Sattar Baloch was born in Lyari, Karachi, Pakistan. He was the son of  “Mohammad Hashom” who belongs to Bompoor, Balochistan, Iran. His family left Balochistan, Iran to Pakistan for a safe life during the tension of Baloch nationalism in Iran.

His first entrée into the music world occurred in early 1970s, and the rest as they say, is history. His passion and main objective has always been to be the voice of his people sentiments and their plight. Ostaad Sattar and Ostaad Shafi were two revolutionary Balochi music icons. They have recorded many golden and unique pieces of music such as: del kantte faryad and “kasanoken askalok jangala tarit”

Looking back at the past many years he had attended numerous Balochi mehfels, concerts and gatherings to voice our hopes and heartfelt wishes for a better tomorrow for our precious Balochistan and our beloved beautiful language. In year 2000 he had his first foreign concert in Sweden which was welcomed by Sweden's Baloch community and 100s of his fans.






In year 2000, he opened a Balochi music club to teach music to Baloch kids and youngsters. His main aim was to keep the Balochi music alive in the veins of new generation. He has been the messenger of Balochi culture and language to non-Balochi communities. He was greatly concerned of the issues that are gradually destroying the future of Balochistan and the well being of our youth. His biggest mission was to bring a strong unity among the Baloch nation.



He was certain that with the power of determination , a touch of awareness, mixed with the healing scent of love we will succeed to rebuild a brighter, more prosperous, Balochistan. 

Ostaad Abdul Sattar Baloch passed away April 12, 2006 in Lyari, Karachi, Pakistan after a long battle with hart disease. He was 55. His revolutionary songs will continue to whisper in our ears for many years to come.

May He Rest In Peace....



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