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Dr.Taj Mohammad Briseeg

Baloch Nationalism: Its Origin and Development
The importance of the Baloch as a case study cannot be ignored. The Baloch, after all, represent more than ten million people dispersed throughout Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Gulf States. An understanding of Baloch nationalism can lead to insights into potential elements of regional instability.

This study was intended to fill in a void in the literature pertaining to the Baloch by presenting as complete a picture of the Baloch problem as possible in the present condition of research. Moreover this is also an original contribution to the state of comparative political science because it is the first time that anyone has applied existing nationalism theory to the Baloch.

Former studies of this subject have provided many valuable insights into various aspects of the problem. However, so far no attempt has been made to deal with the whole problem in a detailed manner including its historical development. Thus by examining hitherto unexplored evidence that traces the roots of Baloch nationalism to the colonial era, this dissertation has tried to push the frontier of enquiry in this subject beyond its familiar limits.

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